PREPARE FOR TELEHEALTH — the fluster-free, successful way.

Here are pointers to get ready for a great smartphone or computer webcam Telehealth visit with your doctor.

Our doctors are very comfortable with Telehealth.  They and our staff can help you through most any glitches.  And be assured that the conversation you will have with them will not be recorded by Alamar Healthcare to protect your privacy and safety, just like an in-office visit.


  • Before you start your visit, make sure your equipment is working properly.
  • Make sure you have closed all the other apps to conserve battery and that volume is turned up.
  • While observing social distancing in times of pandemic make sure your equipment is hygienic n case you need a friend or family member to practice with you.
  • If you are familiar with WiFI settings and use, use your home Wifi network for better audio and video quality.
  • Choose a private and quiet room that is adequately lit because you will want privacy for your visit. Ask the humans to keep noise levels down, dogs to be silent, and if you have a good headset that will help volume and keep things even more private.
  • Avoid moving the camera unless the doctor asks you to do so. Use your mobile phone on a solid surface, sitting on a stand that puts the cell phone at eye level.  A stack of books securely placed will work in a pinch.
  • Avoid having your back to a sunlit window or lamp because that makes it harder for the doctor to see you clearly.
  • Turn off radios, TVs, noisy appliances, and if your cell phone or landline ring during Telehealth, let the caller go to voicemail (unless it is an emergency of course!)
    • For smartphones learn to use the camera and microphone so the camera is facing you in “Selfie Mode” as it is commonly called. Practice with a friend if you have an Apple iPhone and so do they.  If you have an Android smartphone, don’t fret.  If you cannot practice your first Telehealth call, don’t worry.  Our staff and doctors have got you covered whether iPhone or Android!
    • Make sure your volume is up and that your battery is adequately charged or a charging cable charges the smartphone throughout the telemedicine visit.
      For Applie iPhone you need Safari version 11 or greater and for Android you need to use Google Chrome.
    • If you are using a home desktop computer verify that the battery is charged or the unit is continually powered through the Telehealth Visit. You will need a camera facing toward you and a microphone.  Use Google Chrome browser for Apple/MAC computers and Windows Computers loaded with Windows 10 upgrade
    • Good luck with your first Telehealth experience. We’ve got your back!  We are here to help our patients with compassion and patience.

The Doctors and staff of Alamar Healthcare.

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