“Finally selected a primary care doctor and I’m so pleased with my choice! She feels like a partner in my health. Chose Dr. Patel based on recommendations from local nurses who work with doctors in the area. They said she was responsive, caring and knows her patients . I agree!”

Review by D.O.


“You won’t find a better place! Dr. Allan is one who listens to you. He actually has a conversation. Does not rush through your visit at all. Gives you all the time you need and pays attention. He will help you not dismiss your comments or concerns. Oh and this I love, he actualĺy walks you to the front desk! Just shows how devoted he is to his patients. Unfortunately I know about doctors as I had my first surgery at 6 months old. In and out of hospitals growing up so this makes me an expert! 😉 They are not all like him. Was lucky to find him and I am grateful to be his patient. He’s simply the best and you would be lucky to have him!”

Review by M.P


“Dr Patel is a caring knowledgeable medical doctor who works carefully and thoroughly with myself..her patient. She listens and works WITH me as I share the progress of my health. She is not a ” know it all” but is opem to looking at the whole health of nutrition and exercise. She a fine example of a caring skillful physician. At 75 years I have encountered many arrogant physicians who give pills and realize to make you healthy would put them out of business as they know illness more than health. Dr Patel is interested in laying groundwork for health. She is my primary care physician. I am grateful.”

Review by P.T.


” The best Doctor [Dr. Allan] ever, he’s found things wrong with me that other doctors didn’t catch. He and his staff really do care ”

Review by S.L.


“He [Dr. Allan] is the best doctor we have ever seen. Most respected by the medical community which includes emergency rooms and care facilities. Follows up on his patients.”

Review by Anonymous


“THIS IS THE BEST DOCTOR’S OFFICE. Dr. Pattel and Dr. Allen have the most incredible bed-side manner, not to mention the are some of the smartest doctors I’ve known. Both were my mother’s doctors. I’m forever grateful for that. They went above and beyond the call of duty to care for her in her healthy years and her end renal failure. Others in the office are so nice as well: Linda – my life saver Dorothy, Nancy, Karen. If I left someone out I’m sorry. I lost my little stickie (ADHD). And Marlene, Dr. Allen’s wife if so incredible. She is so knowledgeable and so patient and always willing to help their patients. I feel so safe in this group of doctors.”

Review by K.L.


“Dr. Allan is an excellent physician. Dr. Allan’s understanding of the science behind medical care is first rate. He continually updates his knowledge through journals, training seminars and proffessional meetings. Dr. Allan always considers a patient’s current ailment alongside the patients age, physical condition, etc. He has an intuitive way of assessing the crux of a patient’s current problem that draws from decades of successful medical practice.”

Review by R.A.


“Dr Allan and staff at Alamar Health Services are the best I’ve found. Dr. Allan is very thorough, knowledgable, and personable. I had a late afternoon appointment but he still took his time. There was no rush me out the door after ten minutes. His staff as well was quite helpful and friendly. I recommend this office highly.”

Review by F.K.


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