Primary Care Doctors For Adults of All Ages

Primary Care Doctors Serving You Through The Years

Alamar Healthcare offers patient appointments for adults of every age including:

  • Exams For Colds, Flu, Physical Exams, Follow-up and Meds Check, and Uncomfortable Conditions. Annual Wellness Visits for Screening and Prevention of Diseases 
  • Add-on Physical Examinations for Annual Wellness Visits. 
  • Anxiety and depression treatment with stress-reduction strategies.
  • In addition, each adult age group has some special health and wellness needs such as:
    • The Young Adult Years 20s-30s: Prevention & Reproductive Health with health monitoring and testing.
    • The Middle Years 40s-50s:  Preventing Premature Aging.  Researchers at Harvard and worldwide have established that premature heart disease and other premature aging diseases thought to be health conditions of old age may subtly reveal themselves in a person’s 40s and 50s. 
    • The Senior Years: Wellness Through The 60s and Beyond to diagnose, treat and monitor relevant conditions over time.



Your Primary Care Doctor

May Be The Most 

Important Choice 

You Ever Make!

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