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Geriatric Services For Baby Boomers and Older Adults


We are recognized as one of the leading outpatient centers for Geriatrics in Ventura County.  Our doctors have many years of education, training and experience as doctors of Internal Medicine with specialized training in Geriatric Medicine.  In fact, our founder, Jeffrey Allan, M.D., completed a two-year post-residency fellowship from the prestigious UCLA School of Medicine University/Veterans Administration combined program, considered one of the best training programs of its kind in the world.   In serving our older adult patients, we serve them as individuals, in couples, and often, as multi-generational patients that include their adult children, too.   

Screening and Preventive Care That May Be Low-Cost or Free


It may be an old-fashioned concept but it is still true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  For this reason, we offer annual preventive visit screening with your comprehensive physical exam.  Many preventive screenings are covered up to 100% by your Original Medicare plan.  Your physician may recommend cholesterol testing, blood sugar testing, basic vision testing, fall risk assessment, memory assessment, depression screening, and good health habit recommendations.  

Our physicians will work in partnership  with you and your caregiver or family member to coordinate your care with specialists and treatment facilities in order to provide you consistent, continuity of care.

Wellness Services For Seniors On The Go


For active seniors who enjoy the many pleasures of retirement including travel, we offer travel exams, vaccinations, and medication refills to keep you in good supply while you are adventuring.   We have self-help  resources for you to review online remotely from your travel destination to aid you in the unlikely but possible event of your becoming sick while traveling.  For your safety and security, in an emergency, Alamar Healthcare doctors  have 24/7 access to your electronic health records and, with your written permission, we will provide best efforts to transmit your past medical history, including  medications and allergies to  a  hospital emergency room.  

We Personally Visit Our Patients At Hospitals, Rehab Centers and Nursing Homes


Our physicians cover our patients when they are admitted to rehabilitation facilities as well as personally service our nursing home patients at bedside.  This allows the patient to benefit from the trusted doctor-patient relationship established over time.  We also cover rehab and nursing home patients for outside providers who put their faith and trust in our long-term care expertise.  We also cover our patients at St. Johns Regional Medical Center, Oxnard, and St. Johns/Pleasant Valley Hospital in Camarillo.

Patients and Families Want To Know If It Is Dementia, And If So, How Can It Be Managed?

Patient with presumed Alzheimers dementia will have testing for Alzheimer's and other dementia


Mild Alzheimer's dementia is characterized by a one or more of these symptoms: Memory problems, getting lost, difficulty managing money, repeating questions, losing things, or taking longer to do routine tasks. Should these symptom become so severe as to impair an individual’s quality of work or quality of life, or if there are notable changes in behavioral health, tests are recommended to rule out Alzheimer’s Disease or other related dementia disorders.

Our physicians are noted specialists in the field of primary care for memory disorders.  Alamar Healthcare doctors evaluate a patient’s medical history, determine a patient’s ability to carry out routine tasks, and observe changes in the patient’s behavior or personality. Specialists may be called upon by our doctors to perform tests to assess memory, problem solving, attention, and language skills; they may order medical tests to check urine and blood; and possibly order brain scans, such as a computerized tomography (CT) scan or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test.   Together with the patient, their family if involved, and specialists working as a team, our physicians will diagnose the patient and develop a treatment plan. 

Questions of Your Doctor? Need A Testing or Treatment Referral? Confirm an office appointment?


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Hospital Bedside Coverage Is Attended To By Our Own Doctors and/or Alamar-Selected Doctors Each Day of The Year.  

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Geriatric Medicine Center of Excellence

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We believe that Alamar Healthcare, Inc. is the solution for new patients who face the challenge of searching successfully for the answer to the questions, "where are doctors near me who will meet my medical needs?"  Or, "Where is there urgent care near me for established patients?" New patients, whether healthy or sick, may schedule a new patient visit, at 1-805-484-0055. After your first physician visit, you may schedule all follow-up medical appointments for chronic diseases, acute care, or urgent care as our appointment times allow at the same phone number. Our physicians in primary care treat or coordinate specialty health care for diseases such as cardiovascular, heart disease, Irritable Bowel IBS, stroke, and mini strokes called T.I.A. We also treat the internal medicine and geriatrics conditions common to cancers such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer. Alamar Healthcare providers treat or coordinate mental health conditions with specialists for depression, anxiety, dementia and Alzheimer's Disease. Our doctors and hand-picked on-call physicians follow our patients from the Alamar Healthcare office to hospital, nursing home, and assisted living, and coordinate care planning with home health agencies and hospice for Alzheimers, for end of life care, and for rehabilitation.


Alamar Healthcare, Inc. Clinic and Urgent Care in Internal Medicine

Alamar Healthcare, Inc. Clinic and Urgent Care in Internal Medicine